Dancing is like dreaming
with your feet...

Dhakshina UK Show 2018

Sunday, 11th November 2018 @ Margate Winter Gardens

Dhakshina UK will be showcasing various classical dance forms in yet another magnificent stage show under the guidance of accomplished choreographer Smt. Chitra Lakshmi. Celebrities from the Malayalam movie industry would adorn the show. Around 20 dances are to be presented by chosen dancers from around 10 locations. Coordinators for each location have also been assigned to facilitate the success of the show.

Our dance styles

Bharatanatyam Indian Dance

Bharatanatyam is the most popular classical dance form of South India.

The interpretation of the word Bharatanatyam is: the first syllable ‘Bha’ stands for Bhava [emotion], the second syllable ‘ra’ stands for Raga [music], and the third syllable ‘ta’ stands for Tala [rythm], the three constituting the basic essentials along with Natyam [dance].

BollywoodIndian Dance
Bollywood dance is performed in Bollywood movies. It is a beautiful blend of various dance styles. Dancers in colourful outfits incorporate various classical and folk dance forms to perform to vibrant music.
Semi Classical Indian Dance
Semi Classical dance is a creative and contemporary adaptation of various Indian classical dance forms.

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